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Predator Hunting Association

Save A Turkey, Kill A Coyote
6th Annual Coyote Classic Team Members
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The Georgia Predator Hunting Association, Inc. is a registered non-profit membership organization  founded in 2009 by a group of 4 men who shared the common interests of hunting predators, educating others, fellowship with fellow hunters, and sharing our faith in Christ.

The GPHA succeeded in organizing the first State Wide Coyote Hunting Competition, which has come to be known as the GPHA Coyote Classic. These efforts, along with a growing membership base, publication of a quarterly newsletter, sharing correspondence through social media and trips to the field continue to support the sport of predator hunting, and aid in controlling populations in Georgia.

The officers in the GPHA are Warren Offenberg, Ben Yelverton, Joe Rydell  and Rick Ward, and these are the only people authorized to conduct business on behalf of the Georgia Predator Hunting Association.


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